Dial Up Access

Dial Up Access to Maryland Court Systems


Effective May 1, 2006 Option 7 Land/Plat Indexes will provide access to the Grantor Grantee index only. Copies of the recorded documents can be retrieved from https://mdlandrec.net/main/index.cfm. As the Maryland Judiciary continues to enhance MDJCS (http://casesearch.courts.state.md.us) the dial up will be phased out and access to Land Records will only be available at the above URL.

09-27-2005 Improved Access to Maryland Public Land Records
To build one database of all land record images and indices, and in partnership with the Maryland State Archives, JIS has transferred all the images from the ELROI servers in the courthouses in Baltimore, Cecil, Harford, Howard, Kent and Queen Anne's Counties to mdlandrec.net, the new on-line land record retrieval system. Images from other counties are also available, but not in their entirety. This means that you can access and retrieve the same images by using mdlandrec, and the images can be saved or printed from your home or office. Additional counties will be added in the next couple of weeks. The Maryland State Archives has a group of faxback users that you can ask to be part of – just contact Sharon Smith at 410-260-6429 – or email her at sharons@mdsa.net.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.  Thank you for your support of this improved access to Maryland public records.

Judicial Information Systems Telnet Access
  1. Start Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  2. Enter the following URL:  http://jisemu.courts.state.md.us/jisindx1.html
  3. Select ‘Judicial Information Systems’ (Telnet Access to JIS Systems).
  4. Reply ‘YES’ to subsequent screens.
  5. The following screen will be displayed:

              NETMASTER VERSION 3.6           
        /JJJJJJJJ /DDDDDDDD     /CCCCCC       
         ///JJ//     /DD             /DD   /CC             /CC      
           /JJ       /DD             /DD   /CC     
           /JJ       /DD            /DD    /CC            
      /JJ  /JJ      /DD           /DD     /CC             /CC      
      /JJJJJJJ    /DDDDDDDD      /CCCCCCCC      
       /JJJJJJ    /DDDDDDD         /CCCCCC       
        //////     //////        //////       
             TERMINAL:  CRTI063               
       DATE: 08/13/07     TIME: 11.26.26      
           USERID         ==>                      
           PASSWORD  ==>  

  1.    Enter your USERID and PASSWORD.
  2.    Select COURTS, and reenter your USERID and PASSWORD.
  3.    Using your mouse, select PA2 on the power bar (or enter the letters PA2).
    1. For Circuit Court Miscellaneous Indexes, tab to AUTOMATED INDEXES, place a ‘S’, then press ENTER
    2. For Liens and Judgments, tab to ENTERWEB, place a ‘S’, then press ENTER.
  4.    Future access may be obtained by selecting the Judicial Information Systems Icon on your desktop.

If you experience problems, please email them to mdcourts@service-now.com.