Pro Bono/IOLTA Reporting: a Combined Process

NOTE:  The process for reporting on Pro Bono activities and IOLTA accounts is combined for efficiency and convenience.  The two forms are mailed together each year and attorneys can go to a single website to file both online reports.

All lawyers licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland are required to fulfill two important reporting requirements each year. Failure to comply with the Pro Bono or IOLTA reporting requirement can result in decertification from the practice of law in this state. To eliminate confusion, the filing deadlines and mailings for these two reporting requirements have been combined for efficiency and convenience. A single mailing will be sent to Maryland lawyers no later than January 10 of each year. Attorneys may return the forms by mail, or may follow the instructions included with the mailing to file both reports over the Internet. Online filing is strongly encouraged. Both the Pro Bono Report and the IOLTA Report are due each year no later than February 15.

If you have been DECERTIFIED for failing to file timely reports, please see the information here.

Online reporting for the 2017 reporting year is now closed.  If you have been decertified for failing to file timely reports, please see the information here: