MDEC Update
Maryland Judiciary gathers public input on electronic court case management system

The Maryland Judiciary has been moving forward with MDEC – Maryland Electronic Courts -- a project that will change the way the state’s courts receive, send and keep forms, filings and case records. The Court of Appeals’ Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure (the Rules Committee) is developing rules to accommodate MDEC and asked the public to weigh in.

The Court invited public comments on five core policy issues:

  1. To what extent should the electronic filing of documents be mandatory?
  2. What should be the requirements for a filer’s signature on electronically filed documents?
  3. Will the electronic version of electronically filed documents be the official record of such documents?
  4. What access should be allowed to the electronic record?
  5. What kinds of fees, if any, should be charged for
    1. the electronic filing of documents;
    2. the filing of paper documents;
    3. remote access to electronic records; or
    4. general operation and maintenance of the MDEC system?

The Court of Appeals held a public meeting in October 2012. The Rules Committee is considering the public input, and when it issues its recommendations, the report will be posted on the Judiciary website.


What is MDEC?
Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) is a single Judiciary-wide integrated electronic case management system that will be used by the courts in the state court system. Courts will collect, store, and process records electronically, and will be able to instantly access complete records as cases travel from District Court to Circuit Court and on to the appellate courts. The new system will ultimately become “paper-on-demand,” that is, paper records will be available when specifically asked for. The system will be installed county-by-county or in groups of counties starting in Anne Arundel County in the first quarter of 2014.

Want to learn more?
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