Learning the Law

Kids in Classroom
During the school year, judges from Maryland’s courts go into classrooms to share their expertise and personal experiences to help area students learn about law and society. The Civics and Law Academy provides students with a chance to meet face-to-face with judges and other legal professionals who help the students gain a better understanding of the law and develop civic competency. Some of the topics include juvenile rights, criminal law, free speech, and the law in the age of technology.

“How can you hope to function in our society, which is based on the Rule of Law, if you don’t learn civics? The Academy provides a chance for young people to take part in an intensive program to start to gain the knowledge, skills, and values needed to participate fully and effectively in our pluralistic, democratic society,” said Howard County District Judge Pamila J. Brown. Judge Brown heads the Judiciary committee that is hosting the program in partnership with the Maryland State Bar Association, the Citizenship and Law-Related Education Program, and the American Bar Association.

Sessions are held during the school year at various locations in Maryland. The faculty are volunteer judges and lawyers, who bring a practical, personal perspective to discussions.

For more information or, if you’re a judge or a lawyer and want to volunteer, contact Judge Pamila J. Brown at (410) 480-7715 or pamila.brown@mdcourts.gov.