Maryland Courts

Judiciary Takes "Next Steps" with Intensive Planning and Testing of MDEC Systems

Now that Tyler Technologies has been chosen as the vendor for MDEC, the Judiciary’s Project Management Office has begun intensive planning sessions with Tyler experts to develop an initial implementation of the system. At the same time, focus groups of District Court judges, Circuit Court judges and subject matter experts from several courts have been helping the MDEC Advisory Group implement the system by providing input on:

  • In-chambers workflows.
  • In-courtroom case processing, including forms, in-court filings, exhibits and orders.
  • Issues and concerns they gather from their courts.

These focus group members serve as vital links for questions and concerns from their courts, and advise the MDEC Advisory Group.

“The success of this project depends on the involvement and support of all our courts and court personnel,” said Maryland District Court Chief Judge Ben C. Clyburn, who leads the MDEC Advisory Group. “We want to make sure that we are all communicating, back and forth, throughout this whole process. We are shaping this system to meet the needs of many diverse groups. It’s a complex challenge, and we are all working hard to listen to and respond to concerns and specific needs as they arise throughout this process.”

After extensive internal testing to refine MDEC’s operating details, a pilot program will begin in 2013 in Anne Arundel County. Once that pilot is successful, the system will be put into place county by county, with full statewide implementation planned by the end of 2016.