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E-filing Information

REMINDER: Attorneys must e-file in Anne Arundel County

Attorneys filing in Anne Arundel County (non-criminal pleadings) must file electronically or their filings will not be accepted. This includes the District and Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County as well as any appellate proceedings arising from an Anne Arundel County case on or after October 14, 2014. For additional information regarding appellate filings, please see the E-filing Information Alert regarding the application of MDEC in Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals.
(Information updated 11/25/14)

ALERT: Notice Regarding Application of MDEC in Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals

Attorneys: Are you ready to e-file in
Anne Arundel County?

1. To register for e-filing, you must use your Client Protection Fund (CPF) number.  If you do not know your CPF number, please email Once you know your CPF number, you can register and e-file documents with the court, but to have full remote, online access to the cases you are representing, you must complete this form (.docx) and send it to for processing.

2. Review the statewide MDEC Policies and Procedures Manual and the user guides (located on the Maryland Odyssey File and Serve site) for an overview of the processes, technical requirements and preparations for e-filing.

3. Sign up and attend a webinar session and/or watch tutorial videos (links are on the Maryland Odyssey File and Serve site).

4. Designate a person to administer the e-filing system. The administrator will register the firm and be responsible for setting up and maintaining all users, credit card accounts, and attorneys at the firm. NOTE: The e-file administrator only needs to register and create an account one time to enable legal professionals in their firm to e-file and e-serve in any court where the service has been made available.

5. Register to e-file (Link goes to the Maryland Odyssey File and Serve site).

Help and Support

General questions: Email
E-filing questions and technical issues: Go to Tyler Technologies Support on the Maryland Odyssey File and Serve site

Learn More: Webinars, Videos, System Requirements

Timeline for E-filing
E-filing will be available in Anne Arundel County beginning in the fall of 2014. The county is the first jurisdiction that will launch Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC), the Judiciary’s electronic case management system.

Statewide rollout of MDEC will take place over the next several years. E-filing for attorneys will become mandatory county by county as the conversion to the new MDEC system proceeds. The MDEC project is creating a single Judiciary-wide integrated case management system that will be used by all the courts in the state court system. Courts will collect, store, and process records electronically, and will be able to instantly access complete records as cases travel from District Court to Circuit Court and on to the appellate courts.