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The Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) project will create a single Judiciary-wide integrated case management system that will be used by all the courts in the state court system. Courts will collect, store, and process records electronically, and will be able to instantly access complete records as cases travel from District Court to Circuit Court and on to the appellate courts. Read more.

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MDEC: What's the latest? The Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) initiative is coming. But like an endurance run, its implementation requires countless hours of training and preparation, perseverance and commitment. Every day, individuals across the Judiciary are working to make MDEC a reality. As we move toward the launch this fall in Anne Arundel County, you can stay up to date with MDEC News. Each week, MDEC News will bring you timely updates, interviews with project leaders, Q&As and more.

Featured this week - September 19, 2014
Statewide MDEC Policies and Procedure Manual Volume 1 Released

MDEC Policies and Procedures Manual image

Once the rollout of the Anne Arundel County MDEC pilot goes live on Oct. 14, all attorneys will be required to e-file with the Odyssey File and Serve program, and electronic processing and management of court records will be used by the clerks and other judicial personnel. When additional counties are added, the MDEC system will apply to all new actions and proceedings, new filings in existing actions pending in those courts on the applicable date, and all appellate proceedings seeking a review of a judgment or order entered in any affected action.

Now is the time to become familiar with the requirements and procedure for e-filing regardless of your jurisdiction. Volume one of the MDEC Policies and Procedures Manual can now be found online for review by all attorneys and court personnel. The manual provides a detailed overview of the requirements, guidelines, and procedures for using MDEC and specifically e-filing. Procedures will continue to be updated in future volumes.

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