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Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence

The major goal of the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME) is to assist Maryland mediators in providing high quality mediation services to their clients. This is accomplished by providing participating mediators with choices for continued learning, and improvement, along with appropriate recognition for their achievements. One of the unique features of the MPME is the method used to create and develop the integrated system. While Maryland is not the first state to focus on mediator excellence, the emphasis on collaboration, on achieving consensus, and on an integrated approach to quality improvement assistance makes Maryland's experience a singular one. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) was used to advance ADR statewide.

The collaborative process used to create the MPME did not stop at its inception and development. The MPME is collaboratively governed by the Mediator Excellence Council (MEC). The MEC is currently comprised of representatives from: the MD Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR); the MD Council for Dispute Resolution (MCDR); Community Mediation Maryland; the ADR Section of the State Bar Association; and MACRO. There are also representatives from the circuit courts and the District Courts, roster programs and academia. The Chair of each of the MPME Task Groups also sits on the Council.

A tree with many branches is the vibrant symbol for the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence. The many branches provide members with stimulating choices to continue their learning, growth, and experiences as mediators. A sturdy trunk supports the cultivation of excellence for mediators coming from a variety of mediation approaches, practice contexts and levels of experience. The tree’s roots represent the solid foundation needed for high quality mediation and while it is surely a solid and sturdy tree, it grows organically to meet the changing needs of Maryland's mediation users, mediators and the general public. The tree was planted by and for Maryland's dynamic mediation community.

A Brief Description

The MPME provides members with the opportunity to develop a customized quality assistance program. They can start with any branch or leaf on the tree and move in a direction and at a pace that makes sense for them. The only requirement is that they advance their skills. A mediator could climb from branch to branch or decide to stay on the same branch and participate in several programs on that branch. The choice is up to each individual member. To read about each area of the MPME, click on Join the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence at the bottom of the page.

Member Commitments

When a mediator becomes a member of the MPME, a commitment is made to: (a) complete eight (8) continuing skills hours annually; (b) complete 2 hours of ethics training annually; (c) abide by the Maryland Standards of Conduct for Mediators as adopted by the MPME; and (d) to cooperate in good faith with the Mediation Ombuds Program. Click on the link to below to learn more or to join this exciting program.

Questions about the Program

The MPME is coordinated by MACRO. For questions about the program, contact Heather V. Fogg, Quality Assistance Director at 410-260-3540 or