Maryland Courts

Alternative Dispute Resolution Evaluation Support System (ADRESS) Open Source Code

With generous support from the State Justice Institute, the Maryland Judiciary’s Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO) is developing an innovative system for capturing evaluation data about alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes (primarily mediation and settlement conferences) used in court-referred cases. Court ADR program managers outside of Maryland may complete the form below to request a username and password to download the source code for this system and modify it for use in their jurisdictions.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Evaluation Support System (ADRESS) is a web-based data collection and reporting tool. It will enable courts to quickly and efficiently aggregate survey responses provided by clients and attorneys and combine that data with court docket information. Court ADR program managers can use the resulting reports to assess the effects of ADR processes on litigant satisfaction, practitioner performance, court caseloads, case time lines, and more. The system will also assist with program management, including maintaining practitioner data, assigning cases, and tracking case status and outcomes. The project is in its pilot phase.

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of ADRESS is its ability to help court ADR program managers identify weaknesses, experiment with various program changes to address the weaknesses, and determine whether the experiments achieved the desired results. Using this cycle of continuous feedback, the managers can improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of their ADR programs.

As of November 30, 2011, the data collection aspects of the system are complete. MACRO is continuing to refine the reporting tools and will update the source code as it becomes available. MACRO recommends that court ADR program managers consult with their IT department about customizing the code to make it functional for their courts.

Submit the form to receive the username and password to access the source code.

If you have questions about ADRESS, please contact MACRO at (410) 260-3540 or and ask for the Evaluations & Research Director.