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Employee Relations seeks to build and maintain successful employer-employee relationships. The office helps to prevent and resolve workplace problems. It is responsible for creating, administering and interpreting HR policies, and for training on HR policies and practices. It works to ensure the Judiciary's compliance with legal requirements affecting employment.

Employee Relations Staff

The HR Policy Manual outlines employee benefits, employee responsibilities, and employment procedures for the workplace. The manual is subject to change as situations warrant. You should contact the Office of Employee Relations to ensure that the policy statement contained in the Manual is the most current.

Each policy contains a "Scope" which explains which employees are covered by that particular policy. 

The Policy Manual is separated into three relevant sections:

  1. Employment - includes ADA, classification and compensation, recruitment and other employment policies, and more.
  2. Leave and Other Benefits - includes positive time reporting, sick and other leave, FMLA, alternative work schedule, attendance incentive, educational assistance, and more.
  3. Performance and Conduct - progressive discipline, grievances, performance evaluation, standards of conduct, and more.

It is expected that supervisory personnel will administer these policies in a consistent and equitable manner. The provisions of the manual are not conditions of employment and may be modified, revoked, or changed by the Judiciary, with or without notice, at any time. Personnel questions which cannot be answered by this Policy Manual should be referred to the Office of Employee Relations