Maryland Courts

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

For Employees

Forms Word PDF
Request for Accommodation OFP-201 OFP-201
Response to Initial Request from Employee for Disability Accommodation OFP-203 OFP-203
Medical Inquiry and Release of Information Form for an ADA Request OFP-202 OFP-202
Authorization for Release of Medical Information OFP-204 OFP-204
ADA Accommodation Request Approval OFP-205 OFP-205
ADA Accommodation Request Denial OFP-206 OFP-206
ADA Coordinator Designee/Change Form OFP-207 OFP-207
Area of Rescue Assistance - Self Identification OFP-209 OFP-209
Area of Rescue Assistance OFP-210 OFP-210
Complaint of Discrimination/Retaliation Form OFP-305 OFP-305

For Citizens