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The Maryland Judiciary strives every day to fulfill its mission to “…provide fair, efficient and effective justice for all.” Fulfilling that mission, as well as bringing to fruition the Judiciary’s vision to be an “…efficient, innovative and accessible court system that works collaboratively with justice partners to serve the people with integrity and transparency” begins with a qualified, informed, and motivated workforce.

This electronic handbook was developed to ensure that you, as a Judiciary employee, have access to the policies and procedures that govern employment, as well as to enable you to effectively interact with the various administrative departments . The policies and procedures contained within are intended to provide guidance, but should not be considered all-inclusive. They are subject to change and, as such, it is the responsibility of each employee to ensure you are referencing the most current version of the respective policy or procedure if you are reviewing from a printed copy.

The handbook is arranged by topical area. Any questions regarding the content within the handbook should be directed to the department noted on the policy.

It is with great pride that I serve as your State Court Administrator. Your commitment, work ethic, and dedication to excellence continues to propel the Maryland Judiciary to higher heights in service to all those who enter our doors.

                                                                                                Pamela Harris, State Court Administrator

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1. Introduction
1.1 Employment Relationship
1.2 New Employee Welcome Letter
1.2.1 New Employee Welcome Letter Example
1.2.2 New Employee Welcome Letter (At Will) Example
1.3 New Employee Orientation
1.4 Judiciary Hours of Operation
1.5 Changes to Policies and Procedures

2. Employment Practices
Section Title Effective/Revised
2.1 Accommodations of Disabilities 07-01-17
2.2 At-Will Employment 07-01-17
2.3 Classification, Compensation, Reinstatement, Reassignment and Transfer 07-01-17
2.4 Employment of Relatives 07-01-17
2.5 Other Employment and Outside Activity 07-01-17
2.6 Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation 07-01-17
2.7 Recruitment, Examination, Selection, and Probation 07-01-17
2.8 Religious Accommodation 07-01-17
2.9 Separation from Employment 07-01-17
2.10 Temporary Employment 07-01-17
3. Standards of Conduct and Performance
Section Title Effective/Revised
3.1 Confidentiality 07-01-17
3.2 Disciplinary Actions 07-01-17
3.3 Grievances 07-01-17
3.4 Performance Appraisal 07-01-17
3.5 Standards of Conduct 07-01-17
3.6 Substance Abuse 07-01-17
3.7 Whistleblower Protections 07-01-17
3.8 Social Media 11-16-16
3.9 Fair Practices Department
3.9.1 Religious Accommodation Request Form
4. Benefits and Services
Section Title Effective/Revised
4.1 Alternative Work Schedules 07-01-17
4.2 Educational Assistance 07-01-17
4.2.1 Educational Assistance Application
4.2.2 Tuition Reimbursement Request Form
4.3 Family Medical Leave Act 07-01-17
4.4 Leave 07-01-17
4.5 Telework 07-01-17
4.6 Judicial Branch Travel Regulations 11-29-16
4.6.1 Travel Regulations, Mileage/Meal Reimbursement, Expense Account Form
4.7 Vehicle Fleet Administration 10-08-10
4.8 The Judicial College of Maryland [CourtNet]
4.8.1 Judicial Education - Judges and Magistrates [CourtNet]
4.8.2 Professional Development - Judiciary Staff [CourtNet]
4.8.3 Technology Education [CourtNet]
4.8.4 Catering Requests - Annapolis Complex 06-08-16
4.8.5 JCECC Room Reservation 01-05-16
5. CONNECT - Human Resources and Payroll Forms and Procedures
6. GEARS - Accounting, Budgeting, and Purchasing Forms and Procedures
6.2 GEARS Access Security Form
6.3 Vendor Maintenance Form
6.4 Contracts
7. Procurement, Contracts, Grants
Section Title Effective/Revised
7.1 Procurement Policy 09-2017
7.2 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 08-2016
7.3 Grants Administration 05-2015
7.4 Judiciary Contracts and Agreements - Procedures [CourtNet]
7.5 Corporate Purchasing Card Program 04-26-17
7.5.1 Exhibit A - Cardholder Agreement
7.5.2 Exhibit B - Cardholder Log
7.5.3 Exhibit C - User ID Number Assignment
7.5.4 Exhibit D - Acknowledgement Form
7.6 FY18 List of Blanket Purchase Order Contracts
7.7 Judiciary Property - Inventory Control Manual 02-01-16
8. Emergency Preparedness and Closures
Section Title Effective/Revised
8.1 Emergency Disaster Preparedness - Human Resources and Payroll Operations - Continuation 12-01-09
8.2 Closure of Courts and Offices of Clerks of Court Due to Emergencies [Admin. Order] 01-15-16
8.3 Closure of Non-Court Judicial Facilities - Anne Arundel County [Admin. Order] 01-15-16
8.4 Closure Due to Emergencies of the State Law Library [Admin. Order] 01-20-16
8.5 Emergency Notification (RAVE) [Sharepoint]
8.6 Continuity of Operations (COOP) [Sharepoint]
9. Access and Security
Section Title Effective/Revised
9.1 State Judiciary Badge - Procedural Information
9.1.1 MD Capitol Police ID Request Form
9.1.2 Annapolis Complex Access Request Form
9.2 Information Security - Requirements and Responsibilities [CourtNet] 01-2018
9.3 Electronic Communications System Usage 12-01-09
9.4 Restrictions to Internet Sites 05-24-10
9.5 Self-Service Password Reset [CourtNet]
9.6 JIS Personnel Security Access Request Form [CourtNet]
9.7 AOC Security Request Form [CourtNet]
9.8 District Court Systems Access Request Form [CourtNet]
9.9 UCS User Access Procedures [CourtNet]
9.9.1 UCS Request Form - New User Login [CourtNet]
9.10 MDEC
9.10.1 MDEC Forms [CourtNet]
9.11 JPortal OID Systems Access Request Form (DVCR, Secure CaseSearch) [CourtNet]
10. Technology Assistance - JIS
10.1 SERVICENOW [CourtNet]
11. Communications
Section Title Effective/Revised
11.1 Judiciary Communications Protocols [CourtNet] 01-2016
11.2 Judiciary Suggestion Box [CourtNet]
12. Judiciary Strategic Direction
12.1 Judiciary Strategic Plan - 2015 - 2020
12.2 Judiciary Strategic Plan Checklist - 2015 - 2020 [CourtNet]
12.3 2016 Progress Report
12.4 2016 Judicial Council Annual Report
12.5 2017 Strategic Plan Update