Maryland Courts

Office of the Clerk of the Court of Appeals

Directions to the Court of Appeals
Clerk's Office 
Bessie M. Decker, Clerk 410-260-1500
Terry Ruffatto, Deputy Clerk 410-260-1529
Ginny Busik 410-260-1503
Missy deBettencourt 410-260-1503
Carol A. Greenstein 410-260-1504
Doneice Burnette 410-260-1506
Kisha Taylor-Wallace 410-260-1507
Heather Briggs 410-260-1505
Les Cockrell 410-260-1509
Sandy Belt 410-260-1539
Sara Rabe 410-260-1501


Inner Workings of the Clerk's Office of the Court of Appeals of Maryland