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September Term, 2016

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Ukeenan Nautica Thomas v. State of Maryland - Misc. No. 25, September Term, 2016

Certified Question from the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland

Question - Did the circuit court err in declining to ask prospective jurors trial counsel's proposed voir dire question as to whether prospective jurors would 'give greater weight to the testimony of a police officer based on the officer's occupation' and, instead, asked whether the prospective jurors would 'give more or less weight to the testimony of a physician, a clergyman, a firefighter, a police officer, psychiatrist, social worker, electrician or any other witness merely because of their title, profession, education, occupation or employment?'

To be argued in the May, 2017 session of Court.

Counsel for appellant: Katherine P. Rasin
Counsel for appellee: Sarah Page Pritzlaff